The Best Time to Perform Magic at Your Wedding

Magicians are a great form of entertainment to add to your wedding festivities. Whether you want to hire a table magician, a psychological magician, or a close-up magician, the hardest part is determining the best time to have the magician perform at your wedding. There are numerous options and most magicians will work with you to organize the best time to work their act into your wedding day plans. Much depends on your venue, guests and your other entertainment plans.

You and your magic added an extra bit of fizz to one of the best days in our lives.

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However, there are some times that are, by the nature of wedding activities, better than others. It really depends on what you want in terms of entertaining your guests. Some suggestions might include:

  • After the ceremony, Once the ceremony is complete, a close up magician can mingle with guests and perform magic for them in loose groups while the photographer is working on the wedding pictures. This common lull in the day’s festivities can often leave guests wandering around, looking for something to do. Your magician can provide an entertaining, relaxed performance to keep the festivities going while you focus on beautiful photos for your wedding album.
  • During the wedding breakfast, this is a ideal time to have a magician entertain. The magician perform at various tables between the courses of the meal.
  • After Dinner Evening party, One of the best times to schedule a magician to perform is the lull time between functions. Whether after the wedding breakfast as guests move from day to evening activities, these transition times are the perfect time to have a magician entertain your guests. By keeping the entertainment going during these lulls, the upbeat, festive mood continues, providing a wonderful experience for all.
  • Combination performances. Most wedding magicians are flexible in terms of how they perform. You can have part of the performance while the photographer is taking pictures and table to table as well much depends on the venue and how many guests you have.

Thanks for making our day extra special – you really were a big hit with everyone!

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