Table Magic – Hiring a Table Magician

Prepare to be mystified at your next gathering when you hire a table magician. Table magic is a great way to get the conversation going at any event. Whether it’s for your brother’s 30th birthday party, a company dinner, or your best friend’s wedding, table magic is a fun way to add entertainment to any event.

Everyone was astounded by your magic and they all commented on how fantastic it was to have you on board as part of the celebrations. You certainly had everyone buzzing and I still get comments on what great entertainment you were.

Graham and Deborah Northam - Bath

David is a experience professional magician and knows the key factors in the way he works the room.

The up close performance of table magic will leave your guests with something to talk about for years to come. Generally speaking, table magic is geared towards adult gatherings, so be certain your audience is age appropriate. And don’t forget to make sure the ambiance is suitable for your guests to enjoy the full magic experience. Lighting should be ample enough to see the magician’s tricks. Background noise can sometimes make it difficult to hear what the magician is saying, so turn down the music or ask the band to take a break while the magician performs.

A professional table magician will be able to work the room smoothly, close up table magic is very flexible and can fit in with you’re event, just tell the order of events to the magician on the day.

Using a combination of ambience, floor planning and a seasoned magician to perform table magic at your next corporate party, wedding or intimate gathering can make the evening, well—just plain magical.

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Three times I was his ‘victim’ and not once did see or notice how he performed the tricks.

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