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You might think a magician is purely entertainment for children’s parties, but there are close-up table magicians who specialise in adult crowds and parties.

As the organizer for the evening it was great comfort to me to hear the rounds of applause coming from the tables after your performance and made my evening.

Colin Hamilton - Bristol

Magicians devise acts for sophisticated, mature audiences who need or want more than just a man in a cape pulling rabbits out of hats for a child’s amusement.

Whether you are planning a birthday bash, an anniversary dinner, or a family reunion event, there is sure to be a party magician with an act suitable for entertaining your guests and party goers.

Party magicians mingle with your guests, performing magic and other acts of wonder to amuse, delight, and astonish your guests. Whether your party is a sit down dinner or a stand up mixer, close up magic is perfect. The magician will visit each table or mingle into clusters of guests to give each group their own personal magic performance.

To make your special party or event more memorable, consider hiring a party magician for your guests’ entertainment. Magicians are not just for children’s parties any more. In fact, hiring a magician for your next party may help spark some of the fun and festivities of childhood for your guests, making the night all the more memorable for them and you. With shows and performances specifically geared towards a more mature, intelligent audience, a party magician can turn your simple party into a truly festive and enjoyable experience.

party magicians up close

Even the sceptics could not believe their eyes and one particularly sceptical person just gave in and enjoyed it for what it was – a truly magical experience.

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