FAQs about hiring table magicians

If I need a magician, how far in advance do I need to contact you?

Normally though, six months is the common time frame to book this sort of entertainment. Generally, it is a good idea to book a magician a year before the event that you are having so you are sure to get the date that you want. However, if you need a magician quickly, take time to call and see if there is an opening. You will never know unless you call.

If I want magic at my event what time of day is the best?

Normally, at a wedding for instance, a table magic performance is the most practical option. This is so that each table will have personal interaction with the magician and can eat and drink at the same time.

How far will you travel to entertain me?

No distance within the UK is too far. Since the magic is done specifically for small groups of people or at tables during a wedding reception, the travel distance will only be reflected in the cost to have me there.

What will the cost be to have a wedding magician?

Before you are quoted a price, it is important to discuss the time frame (how many guests you have) when would you like to be entertained, the distance of travel and what kind of magic you are looking for.

Is there a deposit that I must make?

A small deposit will be be required normally around £75.

I will be having children at my wedding reception, will do you a special magic time for them?

A few small tricks that they will enjoy are common. Yet, if you are interested in hosting a large group of children for your event and are looking for an entertainer, you may want to look elsewhere for child’s magician and use me to entertain the adults.

Are there references available to view?

Of course! I have hundreds, look on my site at the client love section and you will find multiple references available there.

What happens if for some reason you cannot make it to the event?

Life happens, but there are few and far between cases where I have been unable to make it to an event. However, if that were to arise, I will do all that is possible to send a suitable colleague as a substitute. The replacement will be as good so your happiness is still guaranteed! You will, of course, still be responsible to pay the fee for the services rendered.

Have you ever meet Harry Potter?

I have performed magic for Daniel Radcliffe the actor who plays Harry Potter.

Your ability to entertain at close hand with such professionalism and charm brought that little bit extra to the party making it a truly enjoyable evening for all.

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