David Willmott

Stunning Magic in close-up: Wedding, Parties and Corporate Events.

David Willmott is a close-up magician who specialises in presenting stunning magical entertainment at events across the UK.

He performs at exclusive private parties all the way up to international corporate functions. He has been the star attraction at some of the most prestigious events in the UK.

He ensures your guests are entertained, leaving you to enjoy and make the most of the event itself.

Highly in demand, and with television appearances and years of experience as one of Britain's busiest table magicians, he will mystify, baffle and astonish.

100% - Reliable, Professional & Entertaining

Everyone, without exception, commented on your skill and dexterity and were totally in awe of your performance. I would heartily recommend you to anyone who wants their guests baffled, agog and gasping in disbelief!

The boss of Universal Pictures was showing everyone his bent coin!

Ian Freeman - London

You will value the care he brings to ensuring you get the maximum benefit from the entertainment and his unique style is seen as a benchmark for other performers in the field.

If you've never seen a real close up magician before, you're in for a treat.

If you have seen one before, you'll appreciate the difference.

David Willmott

As cynical and sceptical as my 50-year-old husband is, you had him.

Dave Wilmot

There was a real buzz around the room as you started performing and our guests were all amazed, without exception, at your fantastic tricks.

Thought you gave an exceptional performance.

The Fastest Perfect Shuffler in the World!