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If you are planning a corporate special event, such as an awards dinner, product launch party, or other event, a corporate magician can offer entertainment for your attendees. Corporate magicians are available to perform psychological magic in a variety of settings and arrangements to fit virtually any event. Whether as part of a single night event or as ongoing entertainment during conventions, conferences, and corporate retreats, mentalists can provide sophisticated entertainment for intelligent adult audiences. Bookings are generally scheduled by the hour, but rates and schedules are flexible to fit the needs of your particular event.

Having been a magic sceptic for many years your performance was so powerful that I am converted! Everyone at the event was overwhelming. Bear in mind this night was the finale to a five week course on leadership and how we interact and engage as humans socially and professionally. Well everybody had something to say about your professionalism, humour and pure skill and this is testimony to your performance and your interaction. You surpassed my expectations entirely and I would not hesitate to recommend you to anybody looking to add something special to any night

Ian Boyle - NHS Trust - Cornwall

The best corporate magicians have an understanding of corporate entertainment needs and how to best put your attendees and guests at ease. Psychological magic can be both entertaining and a great conversation starter. For example, as your guests mingle before dinner, ceremonies, or between presenters, the magician performs for small groups and tables, moving through the event as the day or evening progresses. This provides entertainment value as he or she performs, as well as giving guests and attendees something to talk about during dinner. Combining great entertainment and sparking conversations is what a corporate magician does best and can provide a memorable experience for both you and your guests.

David seeks to entertain audiences through intelligent, awe-inspiring, and astonishing performances. Instead of making someone the butt of a joke, the table magician seeks to engage the audience and allow all participants to enjoy their experience. A fun, light-hearted, yet sophisticated performance works best in a corporate environment where entertainment and professional relationships meet.

Planning a corporate event can be a stressful job. Arranging entertainment that attendees and guests will enjoy without the risk of offending anyone or setting the wrong tone for your event can be difficult. With an experienced corporate magician, planning the entertainment portion of your event can be much easier. As an experienced corporate performer, these professionals understand how to entertain your guests, stay within your company’s budget, and leave a lasting impression on employees, corporate partners, business associates, and professional colleagues. Your company event is meant to serve a specific purpose, be it to generate good will, celebrate a milestone, or simply provide a means to make a good impression. As a professional entertainer I can help you achieve those goals.

You were the highlight of our evening function, everyone still talks about the tricks even now a month later.

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You made the night truly magical

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