What other people are saying…

Thanks very much for a fabulous day. Everyone we have talked to has said how brilliant you were and they were all very impressed by the magic that you performed. Most guests were left stunned and baffled by how you did what you did. Your magic was very suited to the types of guest that we had. It was all very grown up and it was magic that we hadn’t really seen before.

You managed to perform to every single table, and left no-one out. You became the talking point of the day and have been ever since! Not only was your magic fantastic, but you were genuinely a very friendly guy and made every effort to talk to everyone that was there.

We haven’t got a clue how you did the things you did. Very impressive! Thank you for making our special day a very memorable experience for us and our guests.

Jade & Ashley Cove - Wedding Magic

Thank you so much for entertaining the guests at our wedding (10th July 2010). You did a fantastic job and everyone was really impressed. Your magic was very novel and unusual which kept everybody intrigued! So many people have commented on how it brought the day together and kept people amused, especially the children, at a point when the day could easily have gone flat.

We would definitely recommend booking David for any event where you are worried that your guests may get a little bored of sitting around with nothing to do. We had an early wedding (11am) which left 3 hours in the afternoon and without booking David our day would of turned out so much different.

Mike & Sarah Williams

Thanks for an amazing performance, the feedback about you has been exceptional to say the least thank you so much for an amazing evening, you certainly had people talking after the event making it very memorable for all.

Simon Dunn - Engineers Ball Cardiff

Thank you for the performance you gave at our wedding - as you could probably tell - everyone (us included) thought it was amazing!… to the point where some friends admitted to being like groupies following you around for most of the afternoon, amazed at the tricks and trying to work out how it was all done…

The whole act was certainly a cut above what I, and everyone I spoke to, was expecting. I think 10 or more people have mentioned it as one of the highlights of the day without being prompted, and the early comments about you on the day made us certain we had the best man for the job! It was reassuring knowing you were entertaining our guests when we were busy having photographs taken when we got to Rookery.

We also especially liked your professional approach. We did not really have time to speak to you much on the day or the run up (apologies!), but you pitched the tricks / approach / interaction with our guests perfectly. I would definitely recommend your services to anyone who wishes to put an extra spark into any party / wedding / event in the future!

Mr & Mrs Ashmore - Nantwich

We wanted to let you know that you were a big hit at the party. Everyone we have spoken to so far has been in awe of your magic! It was a great show for all the generations we had there.

Our guests commented on how friendly you were & how the performance was pitched just right. We find ourselves debating just how you did some of the tricks! To us it's a complete mystery & will remain so i think! If someone is thinking of hiring you & would like to hear feedback from someone personally, we would be very happy to recommend you.

Tracey & Shilly Sharma - Bristol Party Magic

You were ace, entertaining an inquisitive bunch of 14 year olds is quite something. Certainly your tricks were unforgettable, I have a constant reminder… the card on the ceiling with sex written on it, real street cred for my son.

I won't give away your surprises but your magic was truly amazing you had everyone at the party shaking their heads in disbelief… what a treat! I had no idea that I could be so close to you yet not have a clue how you did the tricks better than any TV magician.

Sue Pringle - Bristol

One of our guests summed up the decision to hire you for my Husband's Birthday party as 'INSPIRED'! We totally agree, you brought people together and made them laugh with enjoyment and amazement. What more could we have asked. Everyone was buzzing with 'wow - how did he do that?' and are still talking about the jumping card and the kiwi fruit! Your ability to entertain at close hand with such professionalism and charm brought that little bit extra to the party making it a truly enjoyable evening for all. The icing on the cake!

Dave had a wonderful time and thank you for going the extra mile and drive down to Plymouth on a lovely spring/summer evening to entertain our guests - we were soooooo lucky to find you!

It was as they say magic…!!!!***

Helen and Dave Jones - Plymouth

Thanks very much for entertaining everyone at the wedding, you went down a storm!

I can't say how pleased I am that I booked David to entertain everyone at my wedding - he was just fabulous. I booked him after just looking at his website and crossed fingers that he would be good. He exceeded anything I could have expected. He circulated the room during the champagne and canapes and I always knew where he was as I looked up and saw absolutely flabbergasted faces and disbelief at the tricks he had just done. During and after the wedding I have had a lot of my guests say how brilliant he was and it really became a talking point at the wedding.

If you are looking for that extra idea to entertain guests and get people chatting I can't recommend David highly enough. If anyone wants to talk to me for a personal recommendation i am very happy to oblige - David has my email and phone number.

Hannah Dawson - Orchardleigh House near Frome

On returning from our honeymoon all we have heard from our friends and family is "where did you find him?" People really have not stopped talking about you after our wedding reception. You were a huge success amongst guests and of course our children loved you, we have a fantastic photograph of our 11 year olds face with this jaw nearly hitting the table in amazement. Our only regret is that we did not book you for longer and had you come and do an evening venue slot.

I would tell anyone having a special party to book you!

Many thanks for giving our day the WOW factor.

Mike and Claire Tucker - Bath

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